Homemade Pretzel Knots

I started making homemade pretzels about a year ago and they’re a huge hit with my family and friends. Well, one of my coworkers saw the recipe a while back and has been harassing me to make them for the office ever since… but there’s a problem. My normal pretzel recipe makes 12 pretzels, thereContinue reading “Homemade Pretzel Knots”

Spicy, Sweet & Sour Chicken

Just a little something I threw together last night, and it came out fantastic. I used chicken legs and thighs because that’s what was in house, but this recipe would also be great for wings! I served the chicken with some Soy Glazed Potatoes that were also delicious… A fun and flavorful Asian-inspired meal that’s super easyContinue reading “Spicy, Sweet & Sour Chicken”

Spicy Pasta Salad

Here’s my easy and delicious recipe for a mildly spicy pasta salad. Trust me when I say the spice isn’t over the top, in fact the amount of Sriracha used gives it more of a smoky profile than spicy… If you want spice, add more, if you don’t want any at all, take out theContinue reading “Spicy Pasta Salad”

Sriracha & Honey Shrimp (w/ wine pairings)

Hi everyone, my name is Derek, and I’m addicted to Sriracha. <in unison: “Hi Derek”> <everyone sadly nods and give each other knowing looks> Yeah, so if there was a support group for Sriracha I think I would need to attend… then again, that would mean I was looking to quit Sriracha. Hmm, nobody likesContinue reading “Sriracha & Honey Shrimp (w/ wine pairings)”