Parmesan Egg Bread

For the most part lately I’ve been making rustic white and rye breads. I decided to mix things up and do something different, so I tried my hand at a braided Parmesan Egg Bread. I have to say and I’m pretty darn impressed with myself, lol. The crust is flaky, the bread is light andContinue reading “Parmesan Egg Bread”

Broccoli Rabe & Sausage Bread

For a few years in my teens I worked at an amazing deli and butcher shop called Mulberry Street. Everything about the place was fantastic, but one of my favorite things that they made was a broccoli rabe and sausage bread with mozzarella, it was so unbelievably good. So a few weeks back I had aContinue reading “Broccoli Rabe & Sausage Bread”

Parmesan & Herb Focaccia

So here’s the recipe for my Parmesan & Herb Focaccia bread. It’s great by itself, as a side, for sandwiches, or even burgers! Enjoy. Ingredients (dough): 1 1/2c Warm Water 1tbsp Active Dry Yeast (1 envelope) 1tsp Granulated Sugar 3 1/2c All Purpose Flour 1/2c Grated Parmesan Cheese 2tsp Salt 2tsp Ground Black Pepper 2tspContinue reading “Parmesan & Herb Focaccia”

Molasses Rye Bread

My beloved mother-in-law requested that I bake some rye bread for Easter dinner so I decided to play around a little bit and get more creative than my typical recipe. So here is my newly created molasses rye… Really easy to make and absolutely delicious! And don’t worry, it’s not an overly sweet bread even though it hasContinue reading “Molasses Rye Bread”