Bacon Crusted Pork Tenderloin & Bacon Scallion Risotto (w/ wine pairings)

Have you ever had a plan go completely sideways on you? Well that’s what happened to me the other night. I had planned on making this relatively healthy pork tenderloin dish with ratatouille… simple, flavorful, healthy, yet filling. Yeah, then I remembered that I had bacon in the fridge, it was all downhill from there. Below isContinue reading “Bacon Crusted Pork Tenderloin & Bacon Scallion Risotto (w/ wine pairings)”

Seafood Risotto & Tomato Beurre Blanc (w/ wine pairings)

So I got a request this morning from one of my Facebook friends looking for some ideas for risotto. Immediately my mind went back to this dish that I had made some time back for my wife and myself… I pitched it to her and she liked the idea, so here it is. Serves: 4Continue reading “Seafood Risotto & Tomato Beurre Blanc (w/ wine pairings)”