Limerick Lane from Russian River

The exact origin of the limerick is uncertain, as is the reasoning for calling these quirky (and usually dirty *cough* There once was a man from Nantucket *cough*) poems “limericks”… but it is widely believed that they are named after prose parlour games that were said to be popular in the city of Limerick, IrelandContinue reading “Limerick Lane from Russian River”

Wine Review – 2012 Julien Sunier Fleurie

For a long time now… heck, for the greater part of my time on this Earth, the word Beaujolais has been synonymous with uninteresting, poorly made, cheap, light bodied red wine. Producers like Louis Jadot and Georges Duboeuf took everything that was beautiful, and pure, and special about Gamay grown just south of Burgundy and molested it.Continue reading “Wine Review – 2012 Julien Sunier Fleurie”

Wine Review – Shebang! by Bedrock Wine Company

Yes, you are reading that correctly… I am writing about a wine named Shebang! No, this is not Ricky Martin “shebang shebang”, instead this is a funky little non-vintage field blend made by one of the best names in the game, Morgan Twain-Peterson of Bedrock Wine Company, or as I affectionately refer to him, The GoldenContinue reading “Wine Review – Shebang! by Bedrock Wine Company”

Wine Review – Johan Vineyards Estate Pinot Noir

I have a confession to make… I love Pinot Noir. There, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely attracted to Zinfandel, especially when she is older and more experienced, you know, the cougar variety. I may lay in bed some nights thinking of the fair golden beauty of Chardonnay. I’ll always think fondly of Gamay asContinue reading “Wine Review – Johan Vineyards Estate Pinot Noir”