Panko Shrimp Cakes

So the other night I made a little surf ‘n turf with some grilled soy & sriracha marinated strip steak and panko shrimp cakes… Little did I know that the Instagram and Facebook responses on the shrimp cakes would be so strong, with people clamoring for the recipe! Awesome, thank you for your support andContinue reading “Panko Shrimp Cakes”

How to make a kickass burger!

So one of the most common questions I get from my readers is “How do you make a really good burger!?” You would think that good burgers would be simplicity itself, it’s meat on bread, but so many people get it so wrong, even restaurants. It would seem that the art of the burger hasContinue reading “How to make a kickass burger!”

Derek’s Delicious Fried Chicken

I lovvvvvvveeeeeeeeee me some fried chicken… I’ve made it a ton of times, using a lot of different marinade and dredge mixtures, but this one takes the cake. Trust me, you’re going to love it. Serves 4 Ingredients (marinade): 1/2c Sriracha 3c Buttermilk 2tsp Salt 1tsp Ground Black Pepper 1tsp Paprika Ingredients (general): 2lbs Chicken ofContinue reading “Derek’s Delicious Fried Chicken”

Ricotta Gnocchi

So one of my goals over the past three or four years has been to perfect the most masterful of Italian culinary creations… ricotta gnocchi. Truthfully, the first 15-20 times I’ve made them they weren’t that good, actually they were downright bad… but I’ve been steadily getting better. While not yet perfect, I’d say that┬ámyContinue reading “Ricotta Gnocchi”