Beer Review – Tröegs Mad Elf

Finally, ’tis the season when we’re transitioning out of the glut of Pumpkin/Octoberfest/Autumn beers that flood our stores from August to October, and we’re moving into one of my favorite beer seasons, Winter/Christmas beers! That means that at long last one of my all time favorite brews is back on the market, The Mad Elf by Tröegs BrewingContinue reading “Beer Review – Tröegs Mad Elf”

Beer Review – Conway’s Irish Ale by Great Lakes Brewing Co.

So for my first edition of “A beer you should know…” I focused on a brewery that helped inspire me to become a craft brew acolyte, Ommegang and their Three Philosophers Lambic infused Quad. For my sophomore article I wanted to do the complete opposite, and talk about a beer that is a newer crushContinue reading “Beer Review – Conway’s Irish Ale by Great Lakes Brewing Co.”

Beer Review – Three Philosophers by Ommegang

So hold on just one minute, now you’re posting about beer!?!? I thought you were the wine snob food guy… Yup, I sure am, but my love of craft beer actually predates my love of wine. While fermented grape juice has since become my liquid soul mate, I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the brewedContinue reading “Beer Review – Three Philosophers by Ommegang”