Lemon Vanilla Cake

Here’s a little sumptin’ that I decided to whip up today after a serious onset of sweet tooth… The cake is dense without being overly filling, sweet without being cloying. The lemon and vanilla flavors are present but not over the top. Very well balanced and dangerously good… Ingredients (cake): 1c Granulated Sugar 2tsp VanillaContinue reading “Lemon Vanilla Cake”

Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Cookies

Well, in my neck of the woods it’s a pretty crummy day out there… windy, rain, just bleh. My two sons and I were just sitting around the house, still in our pajamas, bummed out that we couldn’t go outside and play catch or head to the field for some batting practice. Our moods perfectly matchedContinue reading “Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Cookies”

Pineapple almond cake with almond meringue

So we had a can of crushed pineapples sitting in the pantry for a few weeks and truthfully I just got sick of looking at the darn thing. So what to do with it… Why not make a cake!? Ingredients (cake): 2c All Purpose Flour 1 1/2c White Sugar 2 Eggs, beaten 2tsp Baking SodaContinue reading “Pineapple almond cake with almond meringue”

Brown sugar cookies… they taste just like a blondie!

So the weather outside is pretty crummy and I’ve been sitting at my computer all day doing work… I just needed a break, and something to lift my spirits. Why not cookies? Here we have my brown sugar cookies, they are super easy and taste just like a blondie. Makes 12 cookies Ingredients: 2/3c Dark BrownContinue reading “Brown sugar cookies… they taste just like a blondie!”