A wine you should know… Bohigas Brut Reserva Cava

Summer is quickly descending up on us and our mindsets are shifting to crisp whites, rosés and sparklers. There is one sparkling wine in particular that I knew I most definitely had to share with my faithful followers… Bohigas’s Brut Reserva Cava. Not only is the wine gorgeous, but the father daughter team that make theContinue reading “A wine you should know… Bohigas Brut Reserva Cava”

Lemon Vanilla Cake

Here’s a little sumptin’ that I decided to whip up today after a serious onset of sweet tooth… The cake is dense without being overly filling, sweet without being cloying. The lemon and vanilla flavors are present but not over the top. Very well balanced and dangerously good… Ingredients (cake): 1c Granulated Sugar 2tsp VanillaContinue reading “Lemon Vanilla Cake”

Mac ‘n Cheese Pot Pie… yup, that just happened

The other night I got stuck working a little later than normal and didn’t have time to run to the store to pick up ingredients for dinner. At first I thought “Ok, no biggie, we’ll  just do takeout”… but I really can’t stand takeout anymore except for the occasional guilty pleasure of Chinese or Pizza.Continue reading “Mac ‘n Cheese Pot Pie… yup, that just happened”

Sriracha and honey glazed shrimp… recipe and pairings

Hi everyone, my name is Derek, and I’m addicted to Sriracha. <in unison: “Hi Derek”> <everyone sadly nods and give each other knowing looks> Yeah, so if there was a support group for Sriracha I think I would need to attend… then again, that would mean I was looking to quit Sriracha. Hmm, nobody likesContinue reading “Sriracha and honey glazed shrimp… recipe and pairings”